Mobile Point of Sale on Premise
We empower sales individuals to engage shoppers on their path to purchase
with a Mobile 1st sales tool that influences and engages the consumer.

Mobile It's an App with a platform behind

We created an App for retailers to transform the customers in-store shopping experience, harnessing the latest mobile capabilities through iPads to engage and serve consumers on premise.

Salesfactor to engage customers


Secure transactions and encrypted customer data all the way from your devices to the backend systems



Scalable to support exponential growth and elastic to lower cost per user as you grow your business.



Unprecedented analytics to understand users behavior and understand what accually drive sales.

Salesfactor Catalogs

Adopt Superb user experience

  • Users Drive Our Creativity

    Like any other consumer product, mobile Apps only succeed because of
    its users. Apps attract users by creating an engaging enviornment while
    being more convenient and helping get things done faster, easier,
    and cost efficient.

  • We Invested A Lot So You Don’t Have To

    At Leapfactor, we have invested on the most talented minds to design, build
    and maintain a business class platform. Our platform creates a high
    value throughout our mobile Apps. There are those who say it's easy
    to build a streamlined App, it's more than that.

  • A Serious Sales Tool for Serious Business

    We designed our Apps with the end user in mind. The Apps are designed
    to help you sell more, make the job easier, engaging and more convenient,
    while helping run the business more efficiently. Our focus is in providing
    the best front office user experience.

  • UX is a never-ending process

    As much as one can succeed on attracting users, keeping users is harder.
    App users quickly get accustomed to a feature but they never stop
    demanding for more. We continuously look for ways to innovate helping
    people get things done, slicker and faster.

Features Retail APP

Understanding and anticipating consumer dynamics and needs on their path to purchase. Our retail App improves the sales process, elevates customer experience and brand recognition, while boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Product & Video Library

Content that informs and inspires resonating in consumers mind, making their path from thinking to buying easier.

Customer Profiling

"Enable sales people to learn customer preferences and shopping habits to increase desire to buy..."

Promotions & Specials

Customers want information and promotions about your products. Give them easy access to in-store specials and promotions.

Customer History

Check customers latest brand interaction, look for his/her preferences to provide a unique customer experience on site.

Point of Sale

Focus on Mobile Point of Sales that increases effectiveness and drives mobile engagement with customers.

Dynamic Catalogs

Dynamic Catalogs provides an interactive method of presenting and ordering products for customer convenience.


orders per second


new users per minute


anlytical events per hour


assets dowload per day

Salesfactor Retail Shopping Cart

FITSAll business sizes


Leapfactor has created a front office sales App that helps startups with few distributors and limited budgets transform into growing young companies. Our Apps also provide support to industry leaders looking to increase efficiency and to compete on a global scale.


The Salesfactor App can be configured as a marketing tool to boost engagement and enhance distributors onboarding process. A more advanced configuration can be empowered with stand-alone order taking and payment processing. By using a light integration adapter that push orders to any backend or allow order retrieval from a secure order file system.


If you have a backend with Open APIs, we can enable all of the features of our professional edition and provide real time integration with our “out of the box” adapters to industry leading backend systems such as Infotrax, Exigo, etc. We also have a generic adapter for custom made backend systems.

Clients who they are

Leapfactor Clients L'oreal, Lifewave, Renaware

why Mobility is imperative

Mobility is changing every aspect of retail and by fostering the latest mobile capabilities in stores, retailers will establish a unique customer experience that is motivating and at the same time, captures valuable consumer habits never measured before.

benefits are significant

Connect with in-store shoppers on the path to purchase by using a mobile app that turns shopper engagement into a competitive advantage. By having an interactive catalog to see other products, details, item specifications, availability and pricing, you are enhancing the sales experience with product and market knowledge.

We understand that mobile solutions, when integrated with the existing ecosystem, can also play a big role in accentuating the shopping experience. A product demonstration on a tablet or price-comparison with a scan of the product not only helps to shorten the buying cycle but also helps the consumer make informed decisions..

Mobile devices owners


Shops with tablets


Surfing the web on their mobiel device


sample screen shots

Salesfactor Custom Shopping Cart

advanced filtering and search features

Customer History

Customers expect their favorite retailer to “know” them and their preferences and to respond with “one face,” regardless of the medium or channel.

Salesfactor MLM Checkout

it can hold up to tens of thousands of records

Promotions & Specials

consumers are becoming more receptive to receiving and requesting promotions “in the moment”. Customized promotions the next step!

advanced filtering and search features

Customer profiling

Gives you a structured look at your customer goals, the features and content that matters most to them, and the messaging that will help them to choose your product.


advanced filtering and search features

Point of Sale

Mobile POS transform store operations and change how sales associates interact with customers in the stores. Helping sell additional products by adding services to it's offerings.

advanced filtering and search features

Dynamic Catalogs

Provides an interactive method of presenting and ordering products within a scroll view and filter technology for easy access.

advanced filtering and search features

Products and Video Library

Product content that informs and inspires, resonating in the consumers mind, making the consumer’s path from browsing to buying easier.

Editions Affordable Packages

Designed for all stages of your business.

Sales & Content Management
for any team size


$19.99 /Month*


  • In App User Signup
  • Interactive Digital Catalogs
  • Embedded Micro Sites (HTML5)
  • Resources & Video Library
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Custom Presentations
  • Anotations
  • Shopping Carts
  • Content Sharing
  • Quotes
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Corporate Messaging
Billed Annually. *Priced per user per month, the higher the users volume the lower the cost per user.

Brand & Encounters Management
for any team size


$29.99 /month*


  • All Team Edition Features +
  • Dynamic Catalogs
  • Media Correlation with SKUs
  • Product Brand Section
  • Suggested Content
  • Contact Manager
  • Encounter Management
  • Shopping Carts
  • Quotes
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Message Center
  • Orders Sync (Push & Pull)
*Billed Annually. *Priced per user per month, the higher the users volume the lower the cost per user.

Full CRM


$39.99 /Month


  • CRM Contact Manager
  • CRM Activity Management Feeds
  • CRM Encounters Registration
  • CRM Customer Enrollment
  • Single Sign-on
  • Syncronous Order Integration
  • User Adoption Analytics
  • Branded App on App Store
  • Login Screen & Logo
  • Inventory Verification
  • Encounters Analytics
Billed Annually. *Priced per user per month, the higher the users volume the lower the cost per user.

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