leapfactor direct sales apps
  • Salesfactor for Reps
    Engage, Attract, Sell and Enjoy. For EASIER sales, you need the right information at hand, in real time, in a single App
  • Shopfactor for Consumers
    Connect to your consumers through a new direct shopping channel and engage them with sweepstakes, rewards and savings.
  • Mobile Cloud Platform
    True enterprise class and agnostic cloud platform designed to support and operate highly scalable engaging business apps
  • Mobile Engagement Video
    The mobile front office for everyone across industries.


Leapfactor provides breakthrough business apps to transform the way companies engage with their sales force, employees, partners and customers.
By combining mobile cloud services, smart Apps and a high-performing user experience design, Leapfactor quickly enriches customer experience without compromising on security, performance or scalability.


Leapfactor is the “All in One App” integrated experience from accessing marketing content, presenting, sharing and tracing it easily, followed by the quote and deal closure on-the-go. Leapfactor brings convenience to the sales forces.

Multilevel Marketing, Direct Sales App Development

Direct Sales - Multilevel Marketing

Wellness | Beauty Products | Services | Fashion

Party Plannning Services App Development

Direct Sales - Party Planning

Home Products | Beauty Products | Jewelry | Clothing & Accessories

Retail & Wholesale Distribution

Retail & Wholesale

Retail | Wholesale & Distribution

Direct Sales App Development

Life Sciences

Medical Supplies | Pharmaceutical | Medical Technology

multi-level marketing app development

Business & Services

Toys | Animal Supplies | Construction | Machinery & Tools | Financial Services

multi-level marketing app development

Beauty & Cosmetics

Skincare | Haircare | Makeup

multi-level marketing app development

Clothing & Apparel

Clothing | Accessories | Footwear | Lingerie

mlm app development

Furniture, Electronics & Household Items

Household Items | Furniture | Consumer Electronics | Appliances

how you touch consumers

Salesfactor for Consumers will help brands establish a direct channel with consumers in the comfort of their personal devices. It also empowers sales reps to leverage the same App to get prospects and serve existing customers. A true Native app without the hassle and with all the power.

direct sales app development

Brand to Consumers

Consumer Goods | Services | Retail & Wholesale | Electronics

direct sales app development

Rep to Consumers

Directs Sales | Services | Agents | Distribution Channels

Clientswho they ARE

direct sales app development

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